Boston Tree Preservation offers a professionally installed 5′ × 10′ Super Soil Raised Bed Garden for $499 installed.

What is Super Soil and why is it so important?

Super Soil is the finest soil consisting of 3 year old finished compost and worm castings collected from over 5 million worms in our worm farm, nourished with organic food waste. Super organic micro and macro elements are added to make the soil fail proof!

Super Soil is the perfect medium for growing sumptuous fruits, vegetables, herbs, or flowers. Learn more…

What is a raised bed garden?

A raised bed garden is a garden built on top of your native soil.  The basic idea of a raised bed is that instead of battling against poor soil conditions, you build above ground where you have absolute control over the soil texture and ingredients.

Learn the advantages of a raised bed garden…

Contact Boston Tree Preservation about the Super Soil Raised Bed Garden. You and your family will enjoy connecting to the earth, save money and be healthier too!

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